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For Customer Service

Reduce customer service handling time and empower customers to self-serve with Uplook. Quickly and easily create public and internal knowledge bases backed with powerful, machine-learning search.

Faster Interactions

Reduce the handling time of your inbound inquiries through Uplook's smart, machine-learning enabled search.

Deflect Inquiries

Empower your customers to self-serve by creating public knowledge bases. With custom domain mapping, your knowledge base can be accessed from your domain name.

Reduce Expenses

Simple, per knowledge base pricing, means you can grow your customer service team without being hit by unscalable per agent pricing.

Internal Knowledge

Keep internal knowledge secure with internal knowledge bases that only your team can access.

Stay Accurate

Find the correct answer quickly instead of relying on memory, ensuring your team is distributing the most up to date information.

Easy Content Creation

With an easy to use editor and great formatting options, you can quickly create organized, professional knowledge bases.

Simple, fast knowledge management

With fixed pricing per knowledge base and the option of sharing your content publically, or restricting it to internal users, Uplook helps improve your customer experience while reducing cost.

Delight Customers

Delight your customers and increase repeat business with correct, consistent information every time powered by a fast and great looking central knowledge repository.

By empowering your teams with a fast knowledge base with a clean, modern UI, you can demonstrate your capability as a customer service team to external clients and win additional business.

Made For Big Teams

A pricing structure based on knowledge bases instead of users means you can provide access to your whole team for a single flat rate. No more unscalable per-user pricing.

Uplook is made by the team at 4thPortal. We've created call center management systems deployed in over 100 call centers throughout the world, with up to 22,000 concurrent agents. We have substantial experience over many years in providing fast, reliable, high-availability systems for customer service teams.

Internal Knowledge Bases

Keep your internal knowledge bases secure with Uplook. Our security systems and experience storing information for some of the world's largest brands means your information is always securely stored.

With a simple invitation system, you can invite users to your knowledge base by email. Your internal knowledge base will not be visible in search engine results, and will only be accessible to your invited users.

Internal Knowledge Bases →

Public Knowledge Bases

Share your content with the world by making with public knowledge bases - perfect for allowing your customers to find the information they need without engaging your contact center.

Access your knowledge base from a unique URL on our domain (i.e., yourname.uplook.io), or use your domain name to maintain your branding (i.e., help.yourname.com).

Customer Knowledge Bases →

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uplook?

Uplook is a web-based knowledge management system capable of providing both private, internal knowledge bases, and public ones your customers can access directly. It is a modern, fast-performing knowledge base platform with machine learning-enabled search. It helps your team and your customers get the information they need as fast as possible.

Unlike most other products in this field, we've based Uplook pricing on knowledge bases, instead of the number of users you have. With a single flat rate per knowledge base, it is perfect for supporting large customer service teams.

What kind of companies use Uplook?

Uplook is suitable for any company that has information they want to be able to store and search. It contains both private and public knowledge bases.

It is perfect both for:

  • Large customer service teams that need an internal knowledge base to reference when answering customer inquiries; and
  • For companies wanting to provide a public knowledge base that their customers can access and search directly.

Who uses Uplook?

When will Uplook be available?

Uplook will be available from November 2019 for early access, and then be broadly available in 2020.

Register your email address to stay up to date on Uplook's availability and request early access.

Who makes Uplook?

Uplook is made by 4thPortal. We are a team of business analysts and software developers based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We've been operating since 2013. We also created UltimateCSR and SpecFuse.

Our team has experience working for large enterprises like QSuper, IBM and HP, and consulting for Concentrix, Flight Centre, Origin, and Bupa. We've seen the need for an application that combines both public and internal knowledge bases and provides a pricing model suitable for large teams. We are excited to bring Uplook to life.

Interested to know more?

We are offering early access to Uplook from November 2019.
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