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Uplook gives you tools to manage email and chat conversations with your customers, and help them find information about your products and services.

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Shared Inbox

Reply to customers and leads quickly and accurately with a shared email inbox. Easily manage your inbound emails across multiple brands with collaboration and productivity tools designed for customer service teams.


Agents can assign themselves to conversations, making it clear when they are working on a conversation, and preventing collisions.

Multi-brand Support

Support unlimited brands at no extra cost. You'll be able to review conversations across all brands in a single view, or split them out by brand.


Uplook will automatically load a standard greeting and signature when replying to customers - keeping your outbound replies consistent across agents and saving time in composition.

Live Chat

Answer questions for leads and provide support for your customers in real-time. With Uplook, you can upgrade your customer service with live chat by adding a single line of code to your website.

Available When You Are

Choose whether you want to be available for live chat conversations. Uplook will automatically hide the chat option when no one is online.

Automatic Greetings

A simple bot process greets the customer and collects their basic information, so the conversation is ready to go when it first appears to you.

Presence Detection

Uplook makes sure you are online and available, in addition to your availability setting. If your computer sleeps or loses connection, or if you miss a chat, Uplook will make you unavailable to save customer frustration.

Answers On Demand

Publish branded, organized knowledge bases online. Provide solutions to your most common questions and detailed support information for your products and services.

Easy Content Creation

Uplook makes creating a knowledge base easy. With simple, clear options, you'll be able to get support information for your products and services online – without worrying about the technical details.

Built-in SEO

Uplook automatically optimizes your knowledge base for maximum search engine discoverability. You can stay focused on creating great articles.

Internal Knowledge Bases

Easily restrict knowledge bases to your internal team if you need to — perfect for organizing reference information, policies, and procedures that you do not want to be public.

Embedded On Your Website

Embed customer service on your website with Uplook portals. Give your customers and leads the option to search your knowledge base, start a live chat, or leave you a message without having to leave your website.

Instant Answers

With a connected knowledge base, your customers can search through your detailed content for your products and services directly on your website.

Real-Time Help

If they still have questions, your customers can reach out to you for real-time support via chat - but only when you want to be available for live support.

Contact Forms

If you and your team are not available, customers can still leave you a message with their email address for a later reply. These messages can replace the need for a contact form on your website and will start new conversations in Uplook.

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Outstanding customer service.

Upgrade your customer service with easy to navigate knowledge bases, live chat for instant help and fast, reliable email support from your team.

Save money.

Uplook offers you all features for a single rate per user making it one of the most affordable options on the market. Just $10 a month - for unlimited brands and unlimited knowledge bases.

It's easy.

Uplook has a simple, clear interface that makes it easy to learn and use. It comes with a great support site and a friendly support team to help you get up and running quickly and easily.

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