Embed your knowledge base with Uplook Portals

Uplook's new Portals feature means your customers can search your knowledge base and leave you a message without leaving your website.
Daniel Baylis
5 Dec 2019

With our new Portals feature, your customers can search your knowledge base or leave you a message without ever leaving your website.

This feature is available now and comes at no additional cost - making Uplook one of the most affordable customer service platforms on the market.

Uplook Portals are small windows you can embed in your website that allow customers to interact with Uplook. They are initially represented with a small icon in the bottom right of your webpage. When you click the icon, the Portal opens to a small window, allowing your customers to search your knowledge base or leave you a message.

Embed your knowledge base with Uplook Portals - Uplook Blog

Search Articles

When customers open the Portal on your site, they will see your most popular knowledge base articles by default. They can perform searches just as they can when visiting your knowledge base site directly. Uplook applies the same machine-learning enabled logic to improve the search results over time.

Embed your knowledge base with Uplook Portals - Uplook Blog

Leave Messages

Uplook Portals also include a contact form so customers can start a new email conversation with you directly. You will no longer need to maintain another contact form or publish your email address on your website. 

Submitted messages appear instantly in your conversation inbox, where you can benefit from the shared inbox system to co-ordinate your team and manage replies. You can reply to the conversation like any other email.

If you do not have a knowledge base or don't want to attach one, you can still use a Portal just for the contact form option.

There is no limit to the number of Portals you can create. Each Portal can be given a theme color and attached to a different knowledge base. This gives you plenty of options for how your Portals are deployed - ideal if you are supporting multiple brands and websites.

Live Chat

We are currently working on a live chat system for Uplook, which will integrate with Portals. Once enabled, this will also offer your customers an option to chat with you directly via a Portal embedded on your website.

Look out for the Uplook live chat feature early in 2020.

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