Shared inbox software for customer service.

Provide email support from a consolidated inbox for all your brands designed for team collaboration and fantastic customer experiences.
Uplook - Customer Service Platform

A collaborative environment for email support

Manage your inbound support emails directly from Uplook and take advantage of collaboration and productivity tools to stay on top.


The Uplook inbox gives you a simplified view of your outstanding customer inquiries — including their status and who is working on them.


Users can assign themselves to conversations, making it clear to everyone on the team which ones are being worked. This avoids duplication of effort and helps identify which conversations still need attention.

Also Viewing

Instantly see when another user has a conversation open, even if they are not assigned to it, for additional protection against doubling-up on the reply.

Multiple Brands

View all your conversations across brands in a single view. Assign agents to brands, so they can only see and work on conversations that are relevant to them.

Seamless Support

Every brand in Uplook will be issued a unique support email address on the domain that you can use to send and receive emails (i.e.,

However, you can also choose to have Uplook send from an email address on your domain (i.e., This completely hides the Uplook name and allows you to maintain your branding seamlessly.

BYO Email Address

Use an email address on your domain to send replies from Uplook, completely maintaining your branding.

DKIM Verification Support

Choose from either a simple email verification process or a more complex DKIM DNS option (advanced users) to beat spam filters and ensure maximum deliverability.
  • Multiple Brands
  • Consolidated Inbox
  • Collision Detection
  • Reply Templates
  • Open/Closed Status
  • Unique Branding Email
  • BYO Email Address
  • Internal Notes
  • Conversation History

Upgrade Your Inbox

Delight your customers and empower your customer service team with dedicated customer support software.

Save Time

Save time managing conversations with customers across multiple brands with a single, consolidated view.

Avoid Duplication

Avoid duplicating reply effort with clear, real-time indicators when agents are working on conversations.

Reply Faster

Create replies faster with consistent greetings and signatures already loaded into your reply.

Stay Focused

Understand how much work is outstanding with clear separation of open and closed conversations.

Stay Consistent

Maintain consistency in your outbound emails with automatic professional formatting.

Keep History

Keep a history of your customer interactions in a central location open to the whole team.

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