Customer Knowledge Bases

Empower your customers to find information on your products and services with a public knowledge base, optimized for search and Google indexing.

Deflect inquiries and reduce your support costs with a branded help or support site, accessible from your own subdomain or mapped domain.

Empowered Self-Service

With Uplook, you can easily create a public knowledge base for your customers to access information about your products and services. Unlike creating a website, Uplook provides fast-searching and easy navigation, delivered with speed across our global content delivery network. We present your content in a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) format for maximum discoverability in search engines, like Google.
In just minutes, you can have your knowledge base online, accessible from your own unique subdomain (i.e., Or, if you prefer, you can map it to a subdomain using your own domain (i.e.,
You'll have no servers or infrastructure to manage. Uplook takes care of everything — leaving you free to focus on the content you want to share.
  • SEO Optimized
  • Easy Content Creation
  • Fast Search
  • Easy Navigation
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Logo & Favicon
  • Custom Background & Social Images
  • Custom Domain
  • Global Content Delivery Network

Create Exceptional Articles

Uplook's rich text editor makes it easy to develop well-formatted and styled articles for your knowledge base. With support for all standard text formatting options, you will be able to create your articles in no time at all.

Attachments can be added to each article, including support for drag-and-drop inline images — making it easy to include screenshots and images to make your content even more engaging.

Comprehensive Reporting

See which articles customers are accessing and what they are searching for in real-time. Uplook's reporting system helps you get to know your customers and what they are most interested in regarding your product or service.

Easily identify search-terms that did not match any articles — so you can find opportunities to expand your knowledge base, or even your offering itself.

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