Internal Knowledge Bases

Centralize information about your products, services, and procedures in a secure knowledge base, accessible only by authorized users.

With Uplook, your team can benefit from a fast, modern, and easy-to-use knowledge base while keeping your information secure.

Improved Customer Service

Uplook internal knowledge bases are private knowledge bases that can only be accessed by your authorized users. They are perfect for keeping your private information in a centralized location for your team to access.
Internal knowledge bases are widely used by customer service teams, often in a call center setting. They consolidate all information and reference documents that your agents need into a single location. With fast searching and simple navigation, you can empower your team to provide an excellent customer experience, while reducing transaction time.
  • SSL Security
  • Encrypted Data Storage
  • Unique Logins Per User
  • Backed By AWS
  • Fast Searching
  • Easy Content Editor
  • Simple User Management
  • Usage Dashboards
  • Fixed-Rate Pricing

Authorized Users Only

Keep your information private by restricting access to only your authorized users. With a simple, email-based invitation system, you can grant access to entire teams in just moments.

Once they receive an invitation, users can create their account and commence accessing your knowledge base. There is no need for a central admin team to be creating accounts — just send an invite to an email address, and you are done.

When someone moves on, you can remove them from the knowledge base in seconds.

Utilization Reporting

See how often users are using your knowledge base and what they are searching for with comprehensive, real-time reporting.

You can ensure your agents are accessing articles at expected rates — so you know they are helping customers from the latest information rather than memory.

Reporting also enables you to analyze the search terms used, including searches that found no results, so that you can optimize and fill gaps in your knowledge base.

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